Saflon 8 Pcs Cookware Set (Open Box)

Contains: 18+22+26+30Cm Pots + Ss Lids
Saflon Non Stick Forged Aluminum Cookware Saflon Product Made From Pure 4.00Mm Aluminum Discs, 99% Al. And 1% Mixed Of (Nickle, Cupper, Chrome And Gold). Produce Pots Frypans And Oven Trays By Forging The Aluminum Discs By Forging Press Up To 5000 Tons. Aluminum Body Coated 3 Layers Of Non Stick Coats Inside And Two Layers Outside. 5 Layers Of Non Stick Coat To Reach The Interested Color And Shape Of Granite. Granite Coat Is More Resistance Of Scratching And Non Stick Than Other Non Stick Coats. Saflon Factory Using Whiteford (USA ) Non Stick Coat Materials . PFOA Free , No Lead , No Cadmium. Made In Turkey .