TATCH 14 Pcs Granit Bundle Set

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A heavy multifunctional cookware set made from high quality material. Great for any task in the kitchen. Along with a little water and oil, the set enables healthy cooking without losing any vitamins, minerals, or taste. The high-quality heat resistant handle allows you to carry the pan after being in-contact with heat.
  • Granite non-stick coating
  • Made from long-lasting Aluminum 
  • The surface is smooth, easy to clean and meets the highest hygiene standards
  • Ready for cooking or baking with less oil for a tasty meal.
  • Thick base to provide economic cooking
  • Ergonomic heat-resistant handles
  • Resistant to high heat
  • Suitable for induction, electric, gas, ceramic, and halogen hobs
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Set contains:
  • Pot : 22 cm
  • Pot : 26 cm
  • Pot : 30 cm
  • Oven Tray : 20 cm
  • Oven Tray : 24 cm
  • Oven Tray : 28 cm
  • Frypan 1: 20 cm
  • Frypan 2: 24 cm
  • Frypan 3: 28 cm
  • Notes:
  • Before the first use, clean your cookware set with hot water and sponge and dry thoroughly. 
  • Please do not overheat the cookware item
  • Always cook medium heat. 
  • Always use a wooden of Nylon Spoon during cook
  • Never use Wire wool
  • Brand: Tatch
  • Made in Turkey 
TATCH 14 Pcs Granit Bundle Set