TEFAL Round Oven Dish 2 PCS Set (30 / 34 cm)

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Everyday easy and delicious cooking! Tefal Tempo Flame is an easy-to-use range designed to meet your everyday cooking needs. With the exclusive non-stick coating, it ensures flawless unmolding of all your favorite dishes day after day.
  • Optimal heat diffusion – Aluminum, as the best heat conductor, guarantees homogeneous cooking and golden brown results for perfectly cooked recipes
  • Designed to make generous portions bursting with flavor
  • A new easy-to-clean Titanium coating provides extra glide for longer
  • Designed to take your culinary game to the next level.
  • Perfect Release – with the non-stick coating
  • Perfect Cleaning level
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Inside Coating: Non-Stick Coating / Titanium
  • Outside coating/finish: Non-Stick Coating
  • Inside Coating color: Black
  • Outside Coating Color: Red – Bugatti
  • Thickness: Junior
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Set Contains:
  • Oven Dish 1: 34 cm
  • Oven Dish 2: 30 cm 
  • Made in France 
  • Brand: Tefal
TEFAL Round Oven Dish 2 PCS Set (30 / 34 cm)