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Return Policy

Return and exchange policy:

Return within 14 days from the date of purchase.


Terms of return and exchange:

  • That the products have a manufacturing defect or damage during delivery.
  • The products must be in their original condition.
  • The packaging should be in good condition and not damaged.
  • Availability of purchase invoice or order number.
  • If the product has been damaged due to misuse, the customer must refer to the warranty company for the product, according to the authorized agent.
  • Glasses, perfumes and their derivatives (products in contact with the skin), so the exchange and return period is one day, provided that the refund option is proven in an invoice.


Shipping and receiving fees:

  • The customer is required to pay shipping, delivery and receiving fees.
  • If the products are returned in the presence of the customer to the company’s headquarters, he does not incur a receipt fee.


Cash back:

  • Returns are made on official working days.


How to request a return:

  • Contact customer service.
  • Arranging the date of delivery and receipt.